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"Thought you'd like to know we have now moved all our scheduling to AirportSync. I closed the *** account as of today. We had an account with *** since 2007. That says a lot about the quality of your scheduler!"


By Pilots, For Pilots

Our mission? Scheduling that's plane and simple.
We are more than just software; we are a community. AirportSync is designed for flight schools, flying clubs, aircraft partnerships, and fleet operators. With our flight training management software, you can maintain a detailed and adaptable schedule for all your pilots, students, and aircraft.

AirportSync flight school software and flight training software provide a wide range of customization options, allowing you to schedule in any scenario and in a way that best suits your business needs. AirportSync is a free flight school scheduling software and a corporate flight scheduling software that surpasses the quality of many paid alternatives.

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Compliance Ready

FAA Part 141 & Part 61

Both FAA Part 141 and Part 61 schools extensively use AirportSync to manage their fleet and training programs

FAA Part 135 & Part 137

Optimize asset utilization for your commercial operations with our advanced fleet management solutions.

FAA Part 142 & Sim Operators

Ideal for Training centers and Air Force ROTC, ensuring seamless simulator and lesson scheduling.

EASA & UK CAA Pilot Training

Trusted by leading European flight schools for comprehensive training management.

Australian CASA & CAA NZ

Rapidly growing in Australasia, perfect for diverse regulatory environments.

Across the world

Serving a global community under the ICAO flag with versatile scheduling solutions.

Why Free?

How do we make money?
AirportSync is highly efficient, and the cost of running its servers is negligible. That’s why we offer our scheduler, reporting, billing, invoicing, and training modules for free. Rather than charging for the scheduler, we provide an optional, affordable payment processing service. This service is optional, and you are NOT required to use it to utilize AirportSync.
We Make Money When You Save Money!
If you use the optional AirportSync payment processor, we offer fees as low as 0.21% and no higher than 1% for ACH payments. That’s up to 15 times lower than the credit card processing fees. AirportSync never stores your payment details; they are securely managed by Stripe, our payment processor.
ACH Payment Processing Fees
AirportSync ACH processing fees are based on the transaction amount and range from 0.21% to 1%. This includes Stripe processing fees and application fees. The fee formula is (0.8% or $5, whichever is lower) + 0.2% application fee. To lower the fees you pay, you can load money into user wallet in the system at once and spend from there.
Example USA ACH Processing Fees:
  • $0 - $500: 1% (up to 3x cheaper than credit card fees)
  • $2,000: 0.45%
  • $5,000: 0.3%
  • $10,000: 0.25%
  • $50,000: 0.21% (up to 15x cheaper than credit card fees)


You can explore the comprehensive demo site to learn how AirportSync works. Besides this, your account will also come preloaded with example users, resources, and services. Use these as a model for adding your own.

You can manage the schedule for your instructors, airplanes, helicopters, classrooms or any other resource. You can also use it to track onboarding of new students, track their training progress, track their certifications, medical license. You can customize AirportSync in just about any way appropriate to your business. For example, you can set hours of availability for each individual user, resource, service, and location. You can schedule across time zones, and for multiple locations. In addition, the system will warn you of any contradiction in your schedule–– but you can bypass this, if the situation calls for it. In essence, the system is built to be flexible, and you can customize it to suit your business needs.

The website can be installed on IOS and Android devices as well as Windows and Mac operating systems. Just log into your online scheduler and click "Install as an App" from the top right menu.

AirportSync uses Stripe to process online payments which keeps your personal and payment information secure in a PCI compliant way. After you enable payments from your settings, you can use Stripe to process credit card payments, bank transfers, and many other online payment methods.

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